Elizabeth Price, ceramic sculptures

Uppermill, Oldham.   tel. 01457-870170

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This website is really just a photo album of work since 2000, not a sales platform.

I'm a slow and intermittent worker, only producing a small number of pieces at a time. I sell through just one or two galleries, currently Kellie Miller Arts and Tinca Gallery. I prefer not to take individual commissions. Feel free to e-mail or phone for further information.

The work is built hollow using thin slabs of clay, and the surface coloured with layers of oxide, stains and glazes applied by hand. All the pieces are individual.

Please note: 'Small Visitors' are all roughly the same scale and if standing would be about 20 cm tall. The dimension given for other sculptures is the actual height of the piece.

Photos © Elizabeth Price except where stated.

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